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Scientific presentations will be held either as oral presentation or by poster. Presentations will primarily be given in German. Presentations with a English abstract will be given in English.

Oral Presentation

Usually, presentations will have the following durations. For exact information, please refer to your division.

  • Contributed talks are 15 minutes including discussion and speaker change(12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change)
  • Invited talks are 30 minutes including discussion and speaker change (25 min talk + 5 min discussion/speaker change)
  • Plenary presentations are 45 minutes without discussion

All lecture halls are equipped with beamer and laptops usable for the presentations. All presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint, Acrobat PDF) can be uploaded via central upload (150 MB) or via USB stick in our so called SpeakerReady room (located in GW 2, room B1400). Please, take care of all media files being properly embedded or else, that all data is uploaded in one archive. It will not be possible to use your own laptop in the lecture halls.

Presentation data need to be transferred to the provided PCs/laptops in due time before the sessions. Presenters are therefore kindly asked to be at the SpeakerReady room at least 2 hours before the session begins, for the purpose of testing their material. As well as being in the respective lecture hall in order to be able to check in with the student assistant in charge and getting a short introduction to the technique.


The poster boards will be marked with the number corresponding with the scientific program. Authors are asked to mount their poster 2-3 hours before their session. Each poster should display a number according to the scientific program. Each poster should not extend 85 cm x 120 cm. (A0 portrait format).

For mounting the poster please use the available “power strip” at the poster frame or contact available student staff members on site. Please make sure to only use residue-free power strips for mounting the poster. The presenting authors should be with their poster for at least half of the poster session´s duration for discussing their poster. Please put up a sign about the time frame at the poster.

The  posters  have  to  be  removed  after  the  session.  Any  posters  remaining  on  display  walls  will  be removed  and  disposed  without  requesting  your  permission. 

The  conference  management  accepts  no liability for the posters.