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Conference Venue

Address of the University


Universität Bremen
Bibliothekstraße 1
28359 Bremen


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The city´s name contains the old-Saxon word “bremo” meaning “edge”, hereby referring to its location on a long dune at the bank of the river Weser. Today the verb “verbrämen” is still in use when decorating something by adding an edge or brim to it.

In 1186 Bremen became an imperial city. In 1260 it joined the Hanseatic League. Following this membership with it entailing free trade the city started to blossom, which can still be seen today in its splendid architectural monuments, e.g. its townhall. Covering more than 1200 years of history the city has evolved from being a small diocese into Germany´s eleventh biggest city, characterized by being cosmopolitan and living diversity.

Apart from being a successful place for trade and markets, Bremen, together with Bremerhaven forming the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, became a major transfer site for emigration in the 19th century. Starting from Bremerhaven many people ventured into the unknown future of creating a new existence in the United States of America with their luggage brimming with hope for new possibilities. This pioneering spirit continues to fuel modern Bremen proceedings, and it may not be surprising that Bremen is home to a thriving scientific environment as well as being Germany´s biggest location for aerospace enterprises.

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